Maza (Appetizers)

Vegitarian  Hummus – Dip made from ground Chick Peas, Tahini, Lemon and Garlic

Vegitarian  Baba Ghanouj – Dip made from Roasted Eggplant, Tahini, Lemon and Garlic

Vegitarian  Fattoush – Traditional Mediterranean Salad with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Toasted Bread with a fresh Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing

Kibbeh-Traditional Mediterranean “Meatball” made with Ground Beef, Cracked Wheat, Pine Nuts, and Assorted Spices

Vegitarian  Falafel – Vegetarian “Meatball” made with ground Chick Peas, Garlic, Onions, and Parsley, served with a Tahini dressing

Vegitarian  Pita Bread – Baked fresh for the festival in a local bakery

Vegitarian  Spanakopeta – Savory Pastry filled with Spinach and Feta Cheese

 Tabbikh (Meals)

Cabbage Rolls – Blanched Cabbage Leaves stuffed with Rice, Ground Beef, and Assorted Spices

Vegitarian  Grape Leaf Rolls – Blanched Grape Vine Leaves stuffed with Rice and Assorted Spices in a Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing

Vegitarian  Seasoned Rice – Long Grain Rice seasoned with Assorted Spices

 Mashawi (On the Grill)

Shish Kabab – Marinated Steak grilled to order on Skewers

Shish Tawook – Marinated Chicken grilled to order on Skewers

Kefta Kabab – Traditional Mediterranean Hamburger with ground Parsley and Onions, grilled to order on Skewers


Mediterranean Platter – Choice of  One Skewer (Mashawi), Rice, and Fattoush

Veggie Platter –  Baba Ghanouj, Fattoush, Grape Leaves

 Pita Sandwiches

Gyro – Named for the circular motion as the meat cooks on the rotisserie, a combination of Lamb and Beef is sliced and served with Tomato, Onion, and a garlic Yogurt Sauce  over a grilled Pita

Chicken Shish Tawook – Marinated Chopped Chicken served with Tomato, Pickles, Onions, and a Garlic Aoli over a grilled Pita

 Falafel  – Falafel in pita bread topped with Tahini salad and pickles


Vegitarian  Kunafa – Traditional Mediterranean Dessert made of a bed of Ricotta and Mozzarella Cheese topped with Shredded Filo Dough and topped with a Citrus Simple Syrup

Vegitarian  Baklava -Traditional Mediterranean Dessert made of layers of flaky Filo Dough, Butter, Chopped Walnuts, and Simple Syrup

Vegitarian  Hereesah – Traditional Mediterranean Dessert made from Cracked Wheat and Simple Syrup

Vegitarian  Zalabia – Traditional Mediterranean Donuts made fresh to order and soaked in Simple Syrup

Vegitarian  Assorted Cookies – Various Traditional Middle Eastern Cookies hand made by Church members